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The amount of plastic produced in a year is roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity. That's a problem.

Plastic waste

Say goodbye to plastic and waste

Rid your bathroom of plastics for your daily shower or bath and reduce your bathroom's carbon footprint.

Every Pebble is made in the UK and is virtually water-free to dramatically cut transport waste (shower gels and shampoos are typically over 80% water).

Delivered for free every month

Conveniently delivered
for free every month

No need to search for sustainable shower gels, shampoos or hand washes on the high street. No need to remember to place an order. Set up a subscription with Pebble and we'll deliver a customisable selection of scents to your door free of charge each month.

Pebbles are delivered in FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified recyclable card via Royal Mail with virtually no carbon footprint.

Soap free luxurious washing day after day

Soap free luxurious
washing day after day

Pebbles were designed specifically to fit in the palm of your hand. Massage over the contours of your hair and body for a luxurious and stimulating washing experience. Each Pebble is designed to last for about 7 days for the average user washing hair and body. 

Unlike many other cleansing bars, Pebbles are soap free - comprised instead of skin-friendly ingredients used in the most expensive of shower gels.

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